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Our AI-based system filters emails based on their importance, so you can focus on what truly matters.



By reducing the number of unimportant emails in your inbox, you can work more efficiently and get more done.



Our system saves you time by automatically filtering and organizing your emails, so you don't have to do it manually.



You can choose when to review the remaining emails that are filtered out, giving you more control over your email flow.



By eliminating the constant influx of unimportant emails, you can reduce the stress and anxiety that comes with an overflowing inbox.


Virtual Assistance

The system also includes a virtual assistant that sends a mail to the sender for confirmation if the mail is important or not.

How it Works

  • • The system is cloud-based and requires no installation
  • ✓ AI algorithms analyze email content and sender information
  • ✓ Important emails and emails from whitelisted contacts go straight to inbox
  • ✓ Less important emails are sorted into a Holdbox folder for later review
  • ✓ Virtual assistant feature sends instant reply with confirmation link for unimportant emails
  • ✓ If recipient clicks this link, email is moved from Holdbox to Inbox
  • ✓ Other Holdbox emails move to Inbox at predefined intervals
  • • Simple and efficient solution to cluttered inbox and missed opportunities
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Our Features

Elevate your email game with our advanced AI-based features Declut.Me

Maximize your productivity and organization with our Saas based system.

Artificial Intelligence

AI-based email filtering.

Our system uses advanced AI algorithms to determine the importance of emails and filter them accordingly. If an email is important, it will arrive in your inbox.

Filtered Emails

Inbox and Holdbox.

Important emails are sent to your inbox, while non-important emails are filtered into a separate folder called Holdbox. At a predefined time, Holdbox emails will be moved to Inbox.

AI Bases Email Assistant

Virtual Assistant.

The system includes a virtual assistant that sends a mail to the sender for confirmation if an email is classified as non-important. This feature allows for more control over your inbox and reduces number of unimportant emails. The virtual assistant can be configured to send the confirmation mail from a virtual assistant name or from your personal name.

Green Channel


Whitelist feature allows you to add certain email addresses or domains, so that their emails bypass the AI-based filtering system and arrive directly in your inbox. This is useful for important contacts or frequently-used email addresses that you don't want to miss. The feature is easy to use and can be modified at any time, providing added customization and control over your email flow.

Filtered Emails in Your Reach

Easy access to filtered emails.

The system has a feature called Holdbox folder, where non-important emails are directed. These emails can be accessed at any time you want. Access to Holdbox means that you can still have a look into non-important emails if desired.

Ideal for Businesses

Our AI-Based Email Filtering System Can Benefit Your Industry Declut.Me


Business & Organizations

High email volume businesses benefit from AI filtering, increase productivity, and decrease email overload


Sales & Customer Services

AI filtering for sales and customer service teams, improves response time and customer satisfaction.


Executives & Managers

AI filtering for executives and managers, stay on top of critical communications and avoid missed deadlines.


Financial and Legal Professionals

AI filtering for financial and legal professionals, stay compliant with important communications.


Healthcare Professionals

Streamline your healthcare communications with priority email sorting, avoid missed opportunities.


People in Education

Education professionals can benefit from the email filtering and prioritization, avoiding missed deadlines and opportunities.


Marketing and Advertising

Our AI-based system can help marketing and advertising professionals prioritize important messages and respond to potential leads or clients more efficiently.



Imagine being a celebrity, with a constant stream of emails from fans, media, and business opportunities. Our system separates the important emails and fan mails.

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